Kay Yi dress teaches you how to wash bottompants.
2020-6-15 11:46:59
In order to show slim and keep slim curve in autumn and winter, women especially favor underpants. Underpants in the wholesale market are one of the best-selling clothes in autumn and winter. They are suitable for wearing in autumn, winter and spring because of their special materials and craftsmanship, which make them unlike ordinary clothes. The pants are washable and wearable, but mastering the cleaning techniques can prolong the life of pantyhose. Here are some practical tips:

First of all, do not recommend washing machine, and then look at the material and do not use laundry products, such as stockings containing silk do not use alkali washing. Polyester spandex, velvet soap, soap powder, detergent can be. Cotton products are at liberty. If the socks are dirty, it is recommended to use laundry powder thrown once, and then for the specific location of some soap, and then must be water thrown clean, otherwise dry will be a piece of white. And the new stockings had better use vinegar or directly put the packaging bag in the freezer freezer overnight, can increase toughness, narrow the distance between fiber molecules, more leg repair effect!

Because pantyhose is a clothing consumables, here is the recommendation to buy a general price can be, can save money can also be replaced by new wear, the M M choice of silk stockings fashionable thin pantyhose can choose a variety of new and affordable prices!
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