How to use the most correct mask and precautions for wearing a mask?
How to wear medical surgical mask correctly?

In the first step, the mask is divided into front and back sides, top and bottom, the front side is darker (facing outward), and the back side is lighter.

The second step, you need to wash your hands before wearing a mask, because the mask is relatively sterile, if the hand is dirty, touch the mask, and rub the dirt on the handle on the mask and wear it in vain.

The third step is to make sure that the face of the mask is facing inwards, the end with the metal strip is facing up, and hang the rope at both ends on the ears.

The fourth step is to squeeze the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands to make the upper end of the mask close to the bridge of the nose, then stretch the mask down to better cover the nose and mouth.

As well as seeing some incorrect wearing methods and practices in various media recently, I feel that it is necessary to remind the majority of medical workers. Therefore, the common mistakes are as follows:

The first error:

The N95 mask is lined with a non-woven mask. N95 masks are required to fit completely with the face, so as to ensure that the breathing air is filtered through the mask. As a man, the beard must be shaved. If a layer of mask is lined inside, it will affect the airtightness of the mask and cause protection failure.

If you really feel uneasy, you must add a layer of non-woven mask, then add it outside the N95 mask.

×: The N95 mask is lined with a non-woven mask, which will affect the airtightness

The second error:

The metal nose clip is not pressed properly. The metal nose clip on the N95 mask is an important part to ensure airtightness. The face of the person is uneven on the nose bridge. The metal nose clip can hold the mask against the face to ensure airtightness. But on many video pictures, we saw that the nose clips of the masks of our medical staff and epidemic prevention staff were not pressed tightly, or even pressed down. A large part of the protective glasses fogging is due to air leakage at the nose clip, such protection is ineffective!

There are also tips for pressing the metal nose clip. It is necessary to press the index fingers of both hands with pressure to the face at the same time to ensure the balance of the strength on both sides. Pressing with one hand will cause an imbalance in the strength on both sides and will also affect air tightness.

×: The nose clip is not compressed, and it is lined with a non-woven mask

The third error:

Touch the outer surface of the mask with your hand. The function of the mask is to filter virus particles. After wearing the mask and entering the polluted area, the pathogens in the air will be adsorbed on the outer surface of the mask as our breath filters. After the work is completed, the mask should be regarded as a serious pollutant. Never touch the outer surface of the mask with the hand when the buffer zone is unloaded. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to bring the masks in the contaminated area to the clean area.

×: Touch the outside of the N95 mask with your hand

Fourth: some small details

If you wear the N95 mask correctly, you must check the air tightness. Hold the mask with both hands, exhale and inhale hard, you should feel obvious resistance, the surface of the mask has undulations, and there is no air leakage at the nose clip and the fit of the face. Otherwise, it is necessary to adjust the tightness and position of the headband to ensure a tight seam and tight airtightness.

When wearing N95 masks, try to avoid unnecessary head movements and talk less. Large movements of the head and face will also destroy the airtightness of the mask, resulting in failure of protection. A sign that the N95 mask is tightly worn is that it is difficult to breathe and does not want to talk much.

In addition, N95 masks are worn for more than 4 hours, because the increase in breathing moisture will affect the filtering effect, it is best to replace them at this time.

Regardless of the type of mask, the protective effect is limited and needs to be replaced regularly. It is best to replace it every 2 to 4 hours. If it is used for a long time, large particles will be blocked on the surface of the mask or ultra-fine particles will block the mask filtering. In the material gap, the filtration efficiency decreases and the respiratory resistance increases.

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